Digitizing History—Grandpa’s Travels

Growing up I remember sitting in my grandparents living room as my grandfather narrated a slide show of my grandmother and his latest travels. They spent over 50 years together wandering around the world and my grandfather never missed a chance to take a photo (or 50). Lately I’ve been going through his old slide collection and digitizing a large portion so that he can provide captions and stories to accompany the photos.

I’ve digitized well over 2000 photos and I’ve just made it to 1964. While that may not seem like a lot—considering I shot 2000 photos at the Chicago Marathon this sunday alone—remember that we’re talking developed film exposures.

Here are a few shots from my grandfather’s trip to the Grand Canyon in 1964.

GC1964-1 GC1964-2

I’ll be adding more as my grandfather gets back to me with stories of what is actually happening in the photos. There are a few that need a bit of an explanation—including one with a bear in a campsite in Minnesota…

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