My Favorite Non-avgeek Photos of 2013

2013 was the year I got serious about my photography. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, but between responsibilities at work and taking planespotting a bit more seriously, I’ve been taking a lot more photos. Looking back on the photos I’ve taken this year, here are my favorite non-aviation-related photos of 2013. I’ll have a second post that’s pure avgeek goodness before the new year.

The Color Run in Chicago

Sunset in Chicago from my back deck

A younger fan at the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Parade

Kahn, my neighbors dog, lounging on the back deck

Colors of the 2013 Chicago Marathon

A gorilla at the Lincoln Park Zoo investigates some straw.

Racers in the Mens Category 3 race at the Chicago Cyclocross Cup turn down Cricket Hill at Montrose Harbor.

All the links above take you to the full set in Flickr. Before the new year I’ll have another photography wrap-up dedicated to aviation photos.

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